Code of Ethics



Urbeto would like to be the first Community living experience in Italy. Through other developments from original models, Urbeto would like to create the idea of changing one’s way of life to help the greater good, whilst respecting the environment

– The creators of this project will have a hands on approach and presence, sharing their experience, involvement, participation, passion and values.

– The women, men and children who become members of our community will be the pioneers of our idea, making sure that the moral values of our project continues in the best way, respecting our principles and social responsibilities.

– The women, men and children who will reside in this new community will benefit from being the examples of a model that will be an economic, social and environmental success, a demonstration of a sustainable future.

– Women, men and children will be the drivers of these values and partners in our growth.

Ethical Values

The ethical values are the principles of which the idea, project and realization of Urbeto bases itself on:


Urbeto is a project founded on legality fairness equity impartiality of behaviors commonly approved and acted by the members inside and outside Urbeto. Sharing these principles will create lasting relationships among the living and visitors as well. General fairness in the relationships with non residential, equal recognition for every support or help by the residential members.

Transparency and Sincerity

Every member of the project is committed to inform everybody at all levels what is taking place at any one time in a clear and complete way. We are transparent in the way that our management style will be open to dialog with everybody with the objective of giving the correct information on the economical, social and environmental impact of the activities. The intent is to be sincere and honest with everyone, and to become a group of loyal people who we can be proud of. Inside Urbeto, sincerity is the foundation of all activities.


Urbeto dwellers focus on behaving according to its values and principles, striving to create a trustworthy relationship with other residents and in general with everyone who may visit the project. Making an effort with loyalty and efficacy to achieve the common goals is essential, being mindful of one’s tasks and responsibilities.


Residents make an effort to apply in daily action the mission, values and principles that inspire the project.
They are themselves the foundation of strategic planning, goals achievement and management. “ Actions and not words should be your adornment
is URBETO’s inspirational motto.

Social responsibility

Urbeto is committed to connect economic and social values in order to fulfill legitimate expectations of all people who come in touch with it: workers, suppliers, institutions and surrounding local communities. Urbeto applies responsible natural resource management in order to find the best solutions to reduce the impact of its own activities. Urbetos standard of excellence and quality of life are its main element of growth which foster understanding the individual needs.


Urbeto is committed to value the experience and develop the personal skills of collaborators and promote cooperation, knowledge and experiential sharing, for the pride of all involved and for project achievement. Behaviors in line with values and mission will be rewarded.


Urbeto promotes information sharing in a culture of open dialogue, together with a spirit of belonging to a unique, integrated initiative. The principle of unity in diversity will inspire the project’s growth.

Human relationships

Urbeto rejects conflict at all levels, between individuals, groups and within the community; what may cause conflict will be avoided, as an internal rule in order to prevent apathy, estrangement and conflict.

Instead, the guiding principle that will unite participants around the project and its conflict prevention approach will be: ‘When a thought of war comes, oppose it by a stronger thought of peace. A thought of hatred must be destroyed by a more powerful thought of love. Thoughts of war bring destruction to all harmony, well-being, restfulness and content. … Thoughts of love are constructive of brotherhood, peace, friendship, and happiness.’

Before struggles even begin every individual should make an effort to guard ones own speech, manners and behavior in order to safeguard the spirit of pacific and intelligent resolution of daily problems through consultation. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, ongoing training on conflict prevention and resolution will be offered within URBETO.