Sono Gilberto

My name is Gilberto. I graduated university as a surveyor and recently retired a few years ago, after having worked as the manager of the warehouse and security of the Public Transport company of my city. I got married in 1982 with Rossana, with whom I share my religious beliefs (we are both Bahai) which has been the driving force of our lives. I believe strongly in friendships and unity, something that is of utmost importance in order to succeed in any project. We have always cared about eating well and have a great interest of using alternative medicine methods as a supplement to traditional medicine where possible. I am also very passionate about music. In my youth, I performed as a drummer for a few years in a “complessino”. Later, I explored opera as a bass singer, after which I had a ten-year experience singing in Chorus and in a vocal group. Another passion of mine that I share with my wife is our mountainous region and nature in general. I also love listening to audio books in my spare time.