Sono Rosanna

Sono Rosana – Rosana
My name is Rosana. I was born in Entracque, a small mountainous town in Cuneo province. At 9 years old, due to the work transfer of my father, a forest guide, we moved to Mantova to the ‘Fountain Forrest’. This forest was my home for 14 years, and it was then that I started my love affair with nature. Animals are another great passion of mine. I graduated from the Andrea Mantenga institute as a technical application teacher whilst at the same time attending sewing workshops, obtaining great experience in the sector. In 1982 I got married with Gilberto, both of us being Bahais. Together we lived a beautiful musical experience, singing for 10 years in a chorus. At present, I am a housewife. Prior to this, I had worked for many years in an important shop of presents and a prestigious shop of picture frames and antique prints in town. My husband and I have also always maintained a healthy diet. Ever since getting married, we have always tried to eat organic foods and very luckily, we were blessed with living in the countryside. I am very attracted by everything that is beautiful. Another great passion of mine is writing fairytales and stories for young and old. A moto of mine is to always find something within and from outside so that those around me are happy and so that we can be happy together.